Graphics & Film

Short Films

Short Films made for timed competitions within the last 6 years


I helped produce and assemble the production team for this 2017 entry into the 48 hour film project. Also ran Post Production, mostly editing.

Deja Vu - a film in one shot

I Co-Directed this 2016 entry into the 48 hour film project, with Matthew Bostrom of Crossline Productions. Editing was simple as it was connecting 3 long shots into 1 seamless shot.

Team One Shot Onders award winning entry for the 2016 Portland 48 Hour Film Project. This movie was written, choreographed, shot, edited and submitted for judging between July 28 -31, 2016 - 48 hours.

**********Winner for Best Choreography**************

This is a one shot film. In particular, the fight was one shot and one take.

Required elements:
Genre: Martial Arts
Character: Jerry/Jerri Starling (spy/saboteur)
Lunch box
Line of dialogue: "I'm just not feeling it."

Director: Lyon Richardson
Director/Fight coordinator: Mathew Bostrom
Camera: Travis Stanton

Featuring: Brad Hackworth, Stepanie Vermillion, Echo, Bryan Maurice, Joyel Richardson, Jeremy McLaughlin, Stevie Miller, Sean Sission, and Brandie Sylfae

Bound to Happen Director's Cut

I Directed this 2015 entry into the 48 hour film project. Editing and creating the Special FX.

In an Alternate Timeline, Marijuana has also been legalized in Oregon, however, "Big Business" has stepped in and started tampering with nature. A sample is stolen, and must be returned, at ANY cost. Will our heroes find out what the Corporation has been up too? Will the Androids return the sample with minimal casualties? Find out in...Bound to Happen.


I Directed and Edited this 2014 entry into the 60 hour film challenge. A great team assembled quickly for this submission.